Marine Corps Pets Tested by ASPCA in SC

In keeping with its policy banning so-called “aggressive dogs” on base, the US Marine Corp has brought in ASPCA reps to test dogs living on SC bases:

Although not the 54-hour test called the Crucible that Marine recruits must pass to join the Corps, dogs from three Marine facilities in South Carolina faced their own assessments Tuesday to see if they may remain among the few and the proud.

Both Vader and Osceola passed, but the friendly pit bull terriers seemed more interested in a group of reporters and their youngest owner, 7-month-old Keeley Drew Smith, than news they may remain with their Marine family.

The two pets were among more than 100 pit bulls, Rottweilers and canine-wolf mixes owned by Marines at Parris Island, the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and the Beaufort Naval Hospital.

The tests are being used to determine which families to break up, unless the owners can afford to move off-base which is not likely:

Dogs that don’t pass may no longer stay at the bases. Dogs that do pass get waivers to stay until 2012.

What happens in 2012? Who knows. Probably more stupidity.

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