Memphis Animal Shelter Claims Another Victim

The lethal Memphis Animal Shelter added another sad story to its archives this week:

Rita Leone picked out a 10-month old Golden Retriever mix at the shelter December 26.

“He was very sweet, very friendly easy-going, calm dog,” said Leone.

But when she showed up, cash in hand to take him home this morning, he was gone.

“I went to the cage,” said Leone. “The door was open, no dog, the bed was flipped over, I said ‘Oh my God!'”

Her dog had mistakenly been euthanized.

“I said what you did was wrong unacceptable, you have enough dogs in here that are homeless nobody wants. I’m willing to adopt this dog and you euthanize it?” said Leone.

Or, put another way, “You have enough unadopted dogs here to sate your thirst for killing and yet you gotta kill mine too?”

This poor dog who, for whatever reason, had an unlucky start in life, was fortunate enough to be adopted from a torture hole masquerading as a shelter. This should have been his best day ever. Instead, the shelter killed him.

I say again: This place needs to clean house and toss every employee who was not a whistleblower out on their asses. To quote Tiger: Huge.

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