Dude – What?

The Danville Area Humane Society kills approximately 90% of the pets they get their murdering hands on and is under the direction of HSUS BFF Paulette Dean. Ms. Dean was recently named “Person of the Year” by the VA Voters for Animal Welfare. And if you’re done swallowing that mouthful of irony, open wide:

The Danville Area Humane Society announced Monday that it plans to build a no-kill adoption center for Danville and Pittsylvania County next to the existing city animal shelter.

Executive Director Paulette Dean said she believes the new adoption center will help solve the overpopulation problem and decrease the need for euthanasia of animals.

*monocle pop* *spittake*

The slaughterhouse-shelter side by side design aspect is wonderfully convenient. So with one hand, Ms. Dean can fundraise for the no kill shelter while the other hand can reach across the way and keep killing pets by the thousands.

In most cases I would extend support to anyone claiming to adopt the no kill philosophy but in this case, there is obviously no one adopting even the most fundamental tenent of no kill – which is, actually to not kill pets. You can’t run a pet slaughterhouse at 666 Main St. and open up a no kill shelter at 668 Main St. and expect no one to notice the hypocrisy. Instead of asking the public for 3/4 of a million bucks to build the new shelter, why not just stop killing pets at the existing place? Ask the public for help doing that, and then ask for more once you’ve proven you are committed to no kill. As things stand, sorry – no sale.

3 thoughts on “Dude – What?

  1. I’m from Danville and this shelter here just pisses me off. Don’t care what anyone says. I do NOT like Paulette Dean. When I was in HS we used to have a group that would volunteer there on the weekends to do dog washes. One Saturday must have been a big kill day because several dogs that had already been euthanized lying in the concrete runs. For them to just leave the dogs there is one thing, to let anyone see it, especially a group of 15-17 year olds who LOVE animals see it is another. It was traumatizing and our teacher was not at all happy. After that day we no longer volunteered for the shelter. I’m not sure if this policy is still in effect, but they used to say that you couldn’t adopt if you didn’t have a fenced yard, even in the county where there isn’t a leash or chain law. There is always something absolutely ridiculous with DAHS and I’ve never been a huge fan. I was looking to adopt a cat last year and instead of going there, I found a no-kill shelter and adopted from them.

    Unfortunately a lot of people in Danville could care less about the shelter and how high the kill rate is or how crooked some of the crap is that happens there or what the policies are. I am one of the few to realize (or have already realized) what an effed up “dynamic” it is to have a no-kill center beside a insanely high kill shelter.

  2. Also, before I forget.. The shelter only adopts to people in Pittsylvania County (which is where Danville is located). Yet on their website they say they provide “Agressive adoption program.” As I said, I live here. I know what “advertising” they do. They are listed in the local newspaper (of which number of subscribers keeps dropping), they used to advertise in a local pet paper which I’ve not seen around in a while, and they have a “pet of the week” on a local new station. I don’t really call that aggressive, but that’s just me!!

  3. People need to file a lawsuit! They’re scum and had no right to act the way they did! It seems that Paulette Dean is a total bitch and needs to be fired! Come on people, take action and stop the abuse!

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