Ernest Alexander Waives Extradition

The fired Director of the Memphis Animal Shelter will be returned to TN to face felony animal cruelty charges after waiving extradition in NM. Albuquerque police arrested Ernest Alexander last week on a fugitive-from-justice warrant and he has been held without bond since. He is presumably being given food and water and therefore in much better shape than the pets he was paid nearly $100,000 a year by TN taxpayers to protect.

A commenter at the article linked above had this to say:

I have personally stood in the back “general population” kennels with Mr. Alexander as he relayed to me their need for a new facility and his desire to obtain successful adoptions rather than euthanasias. I have no idea how much of that was lip service or not, but I do know that the dog we originally went to get was already put down by the time we got there, and that the dog we did get came to us with pneumonia and ulcers on his gums, weighing 19 lbs. instead of a more appropriate 25-30. I only have a BA in Art History, but I can figure out how to not put a 4 mo. old puppy in with a 4 year old German Shepherd and expect them to share their food. Suffice it to say, Mr. Alexander knew what was going down.

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