A Simple Request for Widget Makers

If you sell a product – be it lipstick, soap, or pet food – is it too much to ask for you to list clearly on your label’s ingredient list “dogs” or “cats” if in fact you use dogs and/or cats to make your product? I have a thing about reading labels and specifically ingredient lists. Call me wacky but I really like to know what it is I’m buying before I buy it. And I don’t want to have to slog all over the internet to figure out what it is you’re talking about when you slap a “cruelty free” label on the package either. Just print up your ingredient list in plain language. Instead of “hydrolyzed collagen”, just say “dogs” if that’s what it is. kthx.

Click for graphic video of D & D Disposal/West Coast Rendering grinding and boiling pets into “protein meal”

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