News from Athens, Alabama

Does this sound like a news story to you?

A lady was walking her dogs on leash when a loose Poodle ran up to her, knocking her down. The local mailman picked up a stick to go after the Poodle with and a neighbor came out to show solidarity. The Poodle wandered off and the police were called. They located the owner and returned the dog who had escaped from his fenced yard.

Maybe if you’re in a reeeeeeally small town and it’s a reeeeeeeally slow news day – nah, not even then. But wait – what if it’s not a Poodle but a Pitbull? News story!

In fairness, the article does mention that the AVMA “says there is little scientific evidence to support the claim” that Pitbulls are more likely to bite than other breeds. The lady who got knocked down wonders what might have caused the loose Pitbull to run up to her. Just having a guess:

Donna Wheat of Athens said she was walking her dogs — a little white Maltese named Mollie and a brown and tan Yorkipoo named Reece — on North Beaty Street on Saturday morning, when her small dogs began barking at a pit bull terrier on the loose.

As Wheat’s dogs worked themselves into a frenzy, they wrapped themselves around a tree, leaving Wheat to try to untangle them while, at the same time, keeping her eyes on the pit bull.

If only we could teach li’l yappers to be a tree when approached by a strange dog…

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