Treats on the Internets

Fired Animal Control officer Alonzo Esco, accused of shooting pets and dumping them in a MS creek, will likely face charges

AKC lists most popular AKC registered dog breeds for 2009 – Labs, GSDs, Yorkies, Goldens and Beagles are tops

Residents of Chatham Co, NC can get their Pitbulls neutered for free this month

Legislation allowing TNR of feral cats in Idaho has been introduced – two commenters claiming to be Vets respond to the article negatively

Memphis, TN news:

Memphis Animal Shelter (MAS) is behind on responding to calls from the public – about 800 calls behind. The new director starts March 1.

Supporters of fired MAS director say the raid and abuse photos were all a set up

Local group working to get a free spay-neuter program established in Memphis

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