Treats on the Internets

City Council voted this morning to make Austin a no kill city!

NC Governor’s Facebook page has received thousands of complaints regarding the Robeson Co Animal Shelter. Her office posted an intention to look into the complaints.

The Baltimore dog groomer who police had depicted as a “nurse” to dogs used in fights has had animal cruelty charges against her dropped. (H/T to Heather who predicted this scenario)

Kent Co Humane Society in MI fought the law and won on behalf of dogs seized in dogfighting case

Recent study finds a correlation between bitches who kept their ovaries for at least 6 years and longevity

Penguin in permanent Casual Friday attire

Squirrels get dressed for church

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Thank doG eevul squirrel invaders are just donning protective headgear – not Easter bonnets. Otherwise the poor doggies might have to quit EATING them.

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