WANTED: Common Sense in Emmetsburg, IA

The city codes in Emmetsburg, Iowa deem Pitbulls to be dangerous dogs. City residents Andrea and Jeremy Bowman have a dog in Emmetsburg who may be part Pitbull (the dog is a mixed breed and those breeds are in dispute). I want to make clear at this point there is no mention of allegations of biting or even growling at any person or animal by the dog.

The Bowmans, along with one of their neighbors, appeared before the city council this week to appeal the dangerous dog ordinance. The owners and neighbor stated the dog is friendly to people and other animals. However another of the Bowman’s neighbors appeared to complain that the dog was seen running loose and had pottied on her lawn. (The owner admitted her kid had left the door open and the dog got out once.) So this neighbor who is unhappy about the dog pottying in her yard once schleps down to the council meeting to appeal for the dog to be kicked out of the city because she says, she fears for the safety of her 2 year old son and doesn’t want to have to put up a fence to protect him. (I guess I should have warned readers of a Flying Logic Leap in advance, sorry about that.) I suppose that lady’s 2 year old has never thrown a temper tantrum outside the home and caused a public disturbance. Because if he had, I’m sure she would have banished him from the city.

Again, the dog hasn’t been accused of biting anyone and the owners have not been cited for anything. The principal of the Catholic school across the street from the Bowmans sent a letter of concern to the council. She too wants the dog ridden out on a rail. Not because he terrorizes kids at her school or anything like that but apparently because he’s sucking up oxygen and stuff. (Which pets would Jesus ban?)

The council ordered the Bowmans to get a DNA test for their dog at their own expense. They have 30 days to comply.

There is another dangerous dog appeal detailed at the link involving a Drahthaar but my brain is too burned out to post about that one.

3 thoughts on “WANTED: Common Sense in Emmetsburg, IA

  1. Excellent! And you could have a line of potions too which the dog can drink to "detox" from any of that pesky Pitbull DNA floating around in there.

  2. I’m so tired of the “in the box thinkers”. It’s NOT the breed it’s the owner. Pit Bulls use to be nannies in the 1800-1900’s. All animals will protect their territory and family. Some states people can shoot strangers for just coming on their property, as self defense!!! They don’t go to prison, however a pit would be killed for protecting their home. So this pit in Emmetsburg pottied on a neighbors lawn, yes it is the owners responsibility to control their dog as using leashes, keeping it in a fenced yard, kennel when strangers come inside their home and not let them wonder around. But what about kids unsupervised, that tear up property, don’t see them being banned. Baby diapers disposed in trash cans, should that be banned because I walk by your trash and smell baby poop.ANY breed, size, and color does not deem a racism perspective , thats right , racism, all towards Pit Bulls. An animal of any breed can attack, ? Is maybe people shouldn’t provoke animals. Stay on their own side of the fence. Instead of IGNORANT people spending time on banning pits, they should research the breed. Raised by responsible adults, personaly those people are the ones that maybe we should DNA and IQ test them and surely neuter, spade and ban them from having kids, and/or ban them from pure existence, ….for they could grow into a violent killer….. get the box cutter and emerge from your boxes ignorant weak ass sheep.

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