Not Guilty Pleas from Former MAS Employees

Two of the three ex-employees from the Memphis Animal Shelter (MAS) who were indicted on animal cruelty charges were in court yesterday to plead not guilty.  You can get the gist of the defense they will likely mount from one of the attorneys.  In a nutshell, the attorney says the pictures of the starved dog are misleading because the dog actually arrived at the shelter in the state revealed in the “after” photo.  The “before” photo was taken while the dog was still in her home.  He doesn’t offer any explanation for the other starved dogs at MAS.  Also:

[The attorney] says, “I’m not sure this is actually a criminal matter, I think this is a matter of funding.”

I see.  So basically your client is a hero who did the best she could for the shelter pets in her care with the limited resources she had.  Let me whip out my shoebox of medals and find one for her.

One thought on “Not Guilty Pleas from Former MAS Employees

  1. With funding like that, Memphis clearly needs a mandatory spay/neuter law to enforce and of course can afford to help with the low-cost spay/neuter services.

    I’ve got no sympathy for these people…or the people who held the camera taking the pictures while the dog died.

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