Update on ID Pitbull Sentenced to Die

I posted last month about a Pitbull called Butch who ran up to a toddler and was seized and sentenced to die by the Craigmont town council in Idaho.  The toddler happened to be the son of the local dog catcher but I’m sure that’s a total coincidence.  Craigmont probably seizes and kills every dog who runs up to a toddler in their town.  They just don’t have the records to prove it due to their habit of holding closed door, unrecorded hearings.

At any rate, the owner has been fighting in court for months to save the dog.  Now, an agreement has been reached.  The owner will surrender the dog to a behavior specialist in Montana.  No word on what will happen from there.  Hopefully the dog will be taught basic manners and placed with an owner who can prevent him from running up to kids.  Or at least any kids belonging to the local dog catcher.

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