O shame, where is thy blush?

The dog warden at the Webster Co pound in KY was charged with animal cruelty recently after video evidence surfaced showing a neglected dog in dire need of veterinary care at the pound.  In response, you might reasonably assume that county officials are concerned with the situation at the pound and looking into the matter in order to reassure the public that they can be trusted to care for the community’s pets.  Of course if you thought that, you’d be thinking out your ass:

[Webster County Judge Executive Jim] Townsend said all animal rescues are banned from the pound because the county is trying to figure out who broke into the dog pound and took video of a hurt puppy.


“We really don’t need any help from anyone, until we can get this straightened out,” Townsend said.

Yes, as evident in the video footage as well as the animal cruelty charges pending against the dog warden, you clearly don’t need any help from anyone.  You are abusing the community’s pets just fine on your own.  And since when did someone break into the pound to film the video?  Funny that wasn’t mentioned earlier.  Isn’t the pound a taxpayer funded facility open to the public?  Where is this evidence of someone breaking in to the place?

The local Mayor, Eddie Gooch, is right on board with the wagon circling cover up as was apparent at a recent council meeting :

Gooch recognized County Dog Warden John Dunn, who was at the meeting, and he voiced his support of Dunn who was recently charged with several counts of animal cruelty at the Webster County Dog Pound.

“Me personally, I appreciate the job you’ve done and I’m supporting you,” Mayor Gooch stated. “You’ve been good for Providence, done a great job here and I stand behind you.”

Dunn responded.

“All allegations that the (KSP) officer has made are false and that will be proven,” he stated.

And in the meantime, I assume we can expect more “It’s my ball and I’m goin’ home!” attitude from county officials while dogs at the pound suffer behind closed doors.  For shame, Webster County.

*Title quote from Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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  1. All the more that we should keep in mind when these alleged ‘anti-animal cruelty’ laws coming down the pike make exemptions for shelters.

    But we already knew that. Too many people really do think out of a backward nether region.

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