Treats on the Internets

If there is any justice in this world, the pharmaceutical companies will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.  Which should fill up any remaining vacancies in hell right quick.  In the meantime, they are inking deals to profit off canine cancer treatments and vaccines because they really care about our pets their wallets.

Kent Co Animal Shelter in MI considering hiring a full time Vet so they can get adopted pets neutered & home with their new families in a more timely manner

KC Dog Blog:  PETA says “nice families” don’t adopt Pitbulls from shelters so we should just kill them

Looking for a home:  I bet this Beagle in KY would be great company

Animal Ark has an online petition asking MN lawmakers to regulate large scale commercial breeders

The Other End of the Leash posts about the need for physical and mental exercise for dogs covering such interesting topics as novelty and the benefits of exercise that doesn’t involve the dog obsessing over an object.

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