Staffing Trouble at ASPCA?

The NY Daily News says that Animal Precinct star Annemarie Lucas has been “forced off the job“:

The ASPCA would not say why she left, but she’s a defendant in a suit that claims her humane law enforcement unit performed illegal searches and seizures.


Lucas, who earned more than $200,000 in salary and benefits in 2008, was paid more than a year’s salary as part of a buyout agreement, sources told The News.

And then there’s this guy:

Meanwhile, Patrick O’Keefe, a top official at the ASPCA’s Henry Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in Manhattan, also abruptly resigned.

The ASPCA declined to say why, but a spokeswoman denied it was related to a Daily News report that probers were looking into the death of a Rottweiler allegedly kicked and choked by a vet at the hospital.

I’ll be interested to see if either Ms. Lucas or Mr. O’Keefe decides to release a public statement.

3 thoughts on “Staffing Trouble at ASPCA?

  1. Name me another “beat” cop who makes 200k.

    Seriously. WTF?

    One must wonder if mayhaps the presence of celebrity-makin’ teevee cameras mightn’t have driven some measure of excessive flexibility in the matter of observing the law, when some photogenic ass-kicking might have been in the offing.

  2. no kidding..200k?? well a star in the AP making makes that kind of $$.. pleas let the world know that Animal Planet.. is really Animal RIGHTS Planet.. if it bleeds.. it leads.. If it can be “rescued” it makes AP…look good.. about time that some of these people who have been made out to be “villains ” get DUE PROCESS.. or at least try..

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