This is why dogs rule.

A German Shepherd Dog called “Buddy” was hanging with his owner in the workshop next to their home earlier this month when the place caught fire.  The owner suffered minor flash burns on his face and told Buddy to get help.  Buddy dutifully ran out to the nearest main road and flagged down a state trooper responding to a call about the fire.  The officer’s dashboard cam captured Buddy leading him in the dark through the winding back roads to his house.  Today, Buddy will be honored by the Alaskan State Troopers with a special award.

Now don’t get me wrong – I loves me some kittehs – but you don’t see any copper dashboard cam vids of cats in the snow, getting help for their owners.  Just sayin’.

4 thoughts on “Officer!

  1. I love that dogs get awards. It doesn’t mean much to them unless there is hamburger involved, but it reminds people how important they are in our lives.

  2. I realize that was humor, but if you’ve ever watched a dog show, you know they enjoy a good rousing round of applause – with their hamburger.

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