DE: Phony Baloney “Dog Trainer” Steals Pets

Would you give a bunch of money to a dog trainer who called his business “A Bad Dog No More”?  I’m thinking no.  I don’t believe in “bad dogs” in general which makes the whole premise of the business name stink.  I tend to think they are usually untrained dogs with owners in need of education and/or motivation.  But apparently some people would hand over their cash – and their dogs – only to figure out the whole thing was a scam:

Wilmington police say a man who claims to be a dog trainer was swindling unsuspecting pet owners by stealing their dogs and selling them for profit.

While some of the pets have been recovered – not an easy task since unsuspecting buyers on Craigslist presumably bought the dogs in good faith – others are still missing.  The faux trainer, James Whitten, is on the lam:

Wilmington and state police have issued warrants for his arrest on felony charges of theft, two other felonies and two misdemeanors.

But they believe he fled the state.

I wonder which state is the current lucky recipient of Mr. Whittens’ charms?

According to court records, Whitten has a lengthy criminal record that dates back to 1984, when he was a juvenile.

He was convicted in 1990 of unlawful sexual intercourse, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment and unlawful sexual contact. In 1996, he was convicted of resisting arrest, and of stalking the following year. In 2004, he was convicted again of resisting arrest and reckless driving. Theft charges dating from December 2007 are still pending against him in the Court of Common Pleas.

If you spot Mr. Fakey:

Anyone with information about Whitten’s whereabouts may call the Delaware SPCA at [(302)]998-2281 or Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333.

3 thoughts on “DE: Phony Baloney “Dog Trainer” Steals Pets

  1. The ACO is to blame for every crime committed after December:

    “We would have had to prove that the dogs were suffering, kept them and had them evaluated by a veterinarian to establish that something was wrong with the dogs before we could press cruelty charges.”

    Yuh Duh! You mean you would have had to DO YOUR GODDAMN JOB in order to prosecute a criminal?

    “Oh, but taking pictures and taking the crime victims to a vet is HAAAAARD… it’s so much like WORRRRK.”

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