More on Cabarrus Co Pitbull Shooting

More details have come to light regarding the killing of Bella, a Pitbull who had escaped from her yard in NC and was shot to death by an ACO who didn’t feel like catching her humanely.  A posting on Facebook lays out what sounds like a good legal case against the ACO including eyewitness statements that the dog was not acting aggressively and a You Tube video excerpt of the ACO admitting Bella was not acting in an aggressive manner.

The family is interested in pursuing legal action and has set up a fund to help with legal expenses.  Those interested in supporting the family can join the Facebook group Justice for Bella.  Residents of Cabarrus County can find a list of local officials to contact here.

I hope the internal investigation into this matter is not a whitewash and that the family is able to pursue legal remedies.  If indeed the ACO acted in accordance with the law (I have my doubts), he and his department should welcome a transparent investigation to clear his name and reassure the public that their tax dollars are not paying people to shirk their duties and needlessly kill family pets.

Thank you Valerie for sharing this FB posting with me.

One thought on “More on Cabarrus Co Pitbull Shooting

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting together this post!

    I urge all to look at the details of this, and to help out in any way they can. Just $1 would be of help, and will be spent wisely! Details of expenses are on the Facebook group. Alternatively, people can donate to via PayPal.

    Everyone, thank you so much for the support!

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