HSUS Now a 3 Star Charity with Charity Navigator

Humane Watch is reporting that Charity Navigator just knocked HSUS’ rating down a peg:

The updated ratings show that HSUS’s “fundraising efficiency”—I should say inefficiency—got significantly worse in 2008. While Charity Navigator shows that HSUS spent 13 cents to raise every dollar in 2007, that number more than doubled to 27 cents. In other words, HSUS’s fundraising inefficiency doubled in 2008.

Additionally, Charity Navigator writes that the percentage of money HSUS spends on fundraising (as an overall percentage of its budget) nearly doubled between 2007 and 2008, from 12.7 percent to 24.2 percent. In contrast, the percentage that HSUS spends on its programs—you know, supposedly saving animals—also decreased by 11 percentage points.

I’m not a marketing expert but if I was handing out the millions at HSUS, I’d start handing them out to shelters who take care of pets.  Pronto.

5 thoughts on “HSUS Now a 3 Star Charity with Charity Navigator

  1. The word is spreading. They can’t fool all of the people all of the time no matter how much they spend.

  2. Yeah, unless all the other big charities have seen similar problems due to the recession, I have to believe that the proverbial cat is out of the bag for HSUS.

    Perhaps this also explains their attempt to re-mainstream on issues like BSL, state-mandated sterilization, pit-bull killing in shelters, and opposing No Kill.

  3. Not a surprise to anyone stuck watching TV. I have a cervical disc “issue” ATM and reading and typing are limited to what my neck seems to tolerate. And I am having to be off my feet layng flat out for several hours a day plus being up late late at night because I don’t sleep well with neck pain.

    The point? HSUS has commercials all the hell over tv land. I means sometimes on more than one channel at once. Some of these are primetime, and looong. And a great big “farm animals are friends not food meat-out go vegan” one now too, but I’m not sure if that one even says it’s from HSUS but it’s Wayne talking.

    While I suspect the networks may be giving the “charity” a deal. It has still got to cost a fortune to air all those spots.

  4. I’m glad to see it happen. I hope more good news like that is in the near future. Take their money away from them and they can’t opperate. GOOD WORK DAVID!!!!

  5. The Humane Society’s Puppy mill campaign and rescue, spay/neuter campaign, adoption and responsible pet ownership projects, dog fighting campaign etc etc etc


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