CT Shelter Kills Two Pitbulls

Were these two dogs at the New Britain dog pound in CT given a fair evaluation by a qualified individual before being killed for behavioral issues?  It doesn’t seem as if they were.  Would they have been treated exactly the same if they were both say, Golden Retrievers, instead of Pitbulls?

A shelter volunteer describes taking one of the dogs, Jeter, out for a final visit before taking him to the Vet to be killed:

To my surprise, once I lifted the handle and opened the kennel, he ran out wagging his tail:) We ran around the yard together and I fed him cheeseburgers and chicken fingers […] He wagged his tail the whole time(this made things much harder). Jeter willingly got into my car a 1/2 hour later and sat in the back like an angel. Poor boy had no idea where he was going. We walked into the vets and waited. NEVER once did he snap or growl even when held to get the injection-the Dr and tech can attest to that too. He was an angel. I whispered “Good Boy” in his ear until his last breath.

Every shelter dog deserves a fair evaluation.

2 thoughts on “CT Shelter Kills Two Pitbulls

  1. I’m crying still – those poor beautiful dogs- all I could think of was the lovely pitties that I adored at the THS. Poor poor babies. Killed because of how they look.

  2. I’ve heard, but I don’t know for sure, that the New Britain “shelter” is notorious for its killings. They’ve been known to kill family pets before people have had a chance to call to find them. Volunteers and supporters have tried, to no avail, to force changes, but allegedly the mayor and the ACO are hand-in-hand in the goings on there.

    I wish I had better, concrete information to share, but I don’t. I just know that there have been rumblings for a long, long time, and my understanding is that what happens there is sad and cruel.

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