Latest Hearing in Robeson Shelter Lawsuit

The judge’s rulings in yesterday’s hearing:

  • The restraining order which prevents the Robeson Co Animal Shelter from killing pets who have a rescue hold on them will remain in place until the case goes to trial.  Rescue holds must be faxed in (so there’s a paper trail) and pets must be picked up within 24 hours of the county’s mandatory hold period expiring.
  • The shelter is not following a law regarding fostering pets but that law is not mandatory (There are laws that aren’t mandatory?  I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer.) therefore the shelter isn’t in violation.
  • The shelter kills pets for space, even when they have space.  That is, they only keep the shelter at half-capacity so workers can use the other half to rotate shelter pets during cleaning.  That is not a violation of state law either so the judge ruled against that item.

I wonder why the complainant brought items to the judge that were not in violation of state laws?

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