Recipe: Spanish Rice

I made spanish rice for the humans recently and had some leftover veggies so decided to make a modified version for the dogs to use up those leftover bits.  Rather than chop up ingredients by hand, I decided to use the food processor for the dog version.  I tossed in bell peppers – red, orange and yellow, parsley and a carrot (because all dogs like carrots, don’t they?).  Then I poured the chopped veggies into a warm skillet that I’d doused with olive oil.

Veggies in olive oil

Once I got those going, I added a heaping cup of rice and sauteed that for a few minutes.

Rice being sauteed with the vegetables

Then I added about 3 cups of water, covered the skillet and simmered for 15 minutes or so.  I added a little more water after the dish was done and shut off the heat, leaving the lid on for some additional cooking (I like to overcook rice a little for the dogs).


Spanish rice

If desired, you could melt shredded cheese on top of the hot spanish rice.  I served mine with eggs.

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Spanish Rice

  1. yum looks good enough to eat!! I love spanish rice..I did sort of the same last week.. i was at a meeting and someone brought a “veggie tray” I took home the left overs.. chopped them up in the processor.. mixed them with left over rice and a bit of sausage.. dogs loved it.. I must admit.. I ate some too.. wasn’t bad..

    1. I add lots of spicy foods to the human version. I like it hot, hot hot! Good for you making use of the leftovers from the veggie tray. I hate to see food wasted.

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