No Food, No Water, No Shelter=Hurt

A NC woman was charged with animal cruelty after officers found a dead dog chained to a phone pole in her backyard.  The dog had no shelter.  When officers asked the owner what had happened, she replied that she wasn’t sure.  As far as when the dog had last been fed or watered, she wasn’t sure about that either.  But she did give a teary interview to the local news and apparently she’s sure she “would never hurt” her dog.

2 thoughts on “No Food, No Water, No Shelter=Hurt

  1. Was there something wrong with this woman?

    This is where I think neglect and abuse should be prosecuted in much the same way. Is neglecting your dog to death very much different than outright killing? The end result (dead animal) is the same. I don’t see how some people think abuse is “worse” than neglect.

  2. I think there IS something wrong with this woman.

    Is it just me or does she have a look in that mug photo similar to the look on Joran van der Sloot after he was arrested in Peru? Neutral, smug smirk? Sociopath?

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