Treats on the Internets

Details of alleged abuse by an ACO in Indiana

NY bill A10715 requires shelters which receive state funding to prepare an annual report on the disposition of pets in their care and make it available to the public

NC failed “puppy mill bill” language inserted into spay-neuter bill results in the bill being pulled (again)

Two of the indicted shelter staff in Memphis are still collecting paychecks from taxpayers

MO police officer subdues dog with a catchpole then shoots him; Mayor and city council defend the killing

Veterinarian explains the limited value of running titers on pets (Someone needs to develop a test for cell mediated immunity!)

Wild hogs, coyotes and armadillos can now be legally hunted at night in SC

Good news:  Robeson Co Animal Shelter in NC has hired a new manager, April Lowry, who says:

“I have a passion and love for animals,” she said. “I want to find as many homes for animals as I can.”

2 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. I think the NY bill should include all animal shelters in that state. In Michigan there is an annual Michigan Activity Shelter Report which includes nonprofits. Foster only groups are exempt from reporting. If more people read these reports or even knew of their existence, they would be horrified to learn that the “humane society” or shelter they are supporting, kills most of the animals it “rescues.”

    1. I agree that all shelters should do these reports. If they are asking for our money (and I don’t know any that aren’t), they should be transparent to the public with regard to the success/failure of their stated aims.

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