Kosciusko Co’s Big Reveal on ACO Abuse Investigation

When county commissioners announced this week that Jerry Clase, an ACO accused of animal abuse in Indiana, would be keeping his job, I felt that taxpayers were owed an explanation.

Well, ta-da (exclamation point intentionally absent):

On Tuesday, County Commissioners voted to allow Jerry Clase to keep his job. Now they’re speaking out about why they made that decision.

“They didn’t stand the test of light,” Kosciusko County Commissioner Bob Conley said about paperwork filed against Clase.

We have now arrived at the end of the explanation.  Please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened until the captain has signaled it is safe for you to move about the cabin.  Thanks for flying Accountability Fail Airlines.

Oh and the group of individuals who filed the complaints of abuse?  Never contacted.  Not necessary.  If you need more of an explanation than that, please see above.

4 thoughts on “Kosciusko Co’s Big Reveal on ACO Abuse Investigation

  1. Vampires, maybe? They don’t stand the test of light…


    Can they find a grownup to put together something more coherent for us?

  2. Fail Fail Fail Fail Fail FAIL!!!
    What are we supposed to do now? I feel like I should package up a glow-stick and mail it to City Hall. I want to DO SOMETHING. This isn’t new, it happens all the time. Government officials (read that HR and legal departments) do the CYA and wait for everything to blow over.
    p.s. this isn’t even MY town or state, but boy have I been there. How can I help?

    1. Maybe try reaching out to the person named as the “group’s organizer”: Launda Ewell, director of Sevens Heaven Wildlife Rehabilitation. See what she has going on by way of continuing action. She’s probably on some social networking sites and maybe the rehab center has a website?

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