Owner Wishes Dog Would Have Been Hit by Car Rather than Picked Up by AC

Did you know that brachycephalic dogs – those flat-faced dogs who sound like they have trouble breathing – have trouble breathing?  And that it’s made worse in the summer heat?  And that Kentucky is in the south, where we get more than our share of heat every summer?

Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t.  But if taxpayers pay you to take care of dogs in Louisville, Kentucky – well, you’d better know those things.

Near the end of May, a beloved pet – a Boxer named Harley D – slipped out a gate that had accidentally been left open.  A Metro Animal Services officer picked him up around 5pm then drove around with him in the truck for 2 and 1/2 hours, making 4 stops, checking on him at each.  By the time the officer arrived at the shelter, Harley D was in “obvious heat stroke” although 16 minutes before, he was reportedly fine.  His body temp was 109.7 (normal temp for a dog is in the 101 range).

The [internal] memo read that Harley D started turning blue, choking, and seizing before dying, but a dog in another compartment was fine.

Maybe that other dog wasn’t a brachycephalic breed, I don’t know.

A spokesperson confirmed there is air conditioning in the trucks, but showed us it is manual and not automatic. Metro Animal Services is doing an internal investigation that includes checking to see if the air conditioning was on and that it was working properly.

Let me take a wild guess on that – No.

Harley D’s owner, Dan Priddy, is heartbroken:

“I’d rather he got hit by a car than what he went through,” said Priddy.


“I just need a little justice for my dog he was like a kid you know,” said Priddy, who told us he just wanted answers, but couldn’t get any information for Animal Control.

After WAVE 3’s contacted the department, Metro Animal Services contacted Priddy and requested a meeting about his dog.

Yeah, after the local news drops by, I guess you have to call that owner of that dog you killed back.  How annoying.

3 thoughts on “Owner Wishes Dog Would Have Been Hit by Car Rather than Picked Up by AC

  1. :(

    We just euthanised the family dog yesterday to end her suffering… she couldn’t breathe due to fluid in the lungs and was turning blue. She was truly suffering.

    I don’t even want to think about what this boxer had to go through. Shame on Animal Control.

    I hope this man gets closure on the loss of his dog.

    1. I’m sorry for your family’s loss Jen. I am so thankful we have the option to end suffering for our pets. I only hope one day we can offer the same option to people.

  2. This exact same thing has happened many times in Houston’s animal control trucks… animals coming in dead from heat stroke or dying shortly after coming in. The last time was last year. We can only hope it was the very last time.

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