Georgia Out of My Mind

Pop quiz:  Your mother-in-law’s stray pup doesn’t like your toddler and animal control is closed – what do you do?

A 6 month old puppy, described as a “Corgi/Jack Russell terrier mix” weighing 15 – 20 pounds, was taken in as a stray by a Jacksonville, FL family.  When relatives came to visit with their 2 year old daughter, the pup reportedly “tried to bite” the kid.  (Note – it doesn’t say the dog bit the kid, just that he “tried”.)  The toddler’s father, 31 year old Morgen Dallon Ingerson of GA, felt a need to protect his child, which is certainly understandable.

Mr. Ingerson says he tried to call animal control but they were closed due to the July 4th holiday.  So he took the next logical step:  He weighted down the dog’s leash with a brick so the pup couldn’t get away, bashed his head in with a shovel, cut off the pup’s head, skinned it and gouged out the eyes.  The next day, he brought the head and the skin in a bag to animal control to be tested for rabies.

Mr. Ingerson was charged with animal cruelty and released on $10,000 bail.  The dog’s head is being tested for rabies.  Mr. Ingerson “listed his job as volunteer for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services”.  Gee, how lucky for Georgia’s wildlife.

15 thoughts on “Georgia Out of My Mind

  1. OMG! I laughed. This can’t be true? I cried. I think I need to unsubscribe from your blog. Where do you FIND all these horrid stories? How can you continue to blog? I’m depressed just reading it. Thank you, I guess.
    Although the home prepared food was a lovely respite.

  2. I rarely comment here but I think there’s one comment that pretty much sums up most the posts lately:

    What the fuck is wrong with these people?

  3. Does anyone else think that this man should be nowhere near children? He clearly has serious mental instability.

    And…the eyes? WTF is that about? Even if he thought the dog was rabid (where was the owner during this?) and for some reason wanted the head for testing (and as a wildlife volunteer he should know a little more about rabies and the testing thereof), why remove the eyes?

    Mentally unstable.

  4. Best keep an eye on him but he seems to have the same mentality as so many DNR types and animal control types.

  5. The rabies part makes no sense. If he’d suspected that and worked with Wildlife Services, he’d have avoided all body fluids. Instead, they might take a further look in his back yard under the dirt. Actions like you described are almost never a one-time thing.

  6. Since Vick has gone astray with the law again – maybe HSUS and Wayne Pacelle need a new animal abuser poster person –


  7. I would like to be the investigator who interviews him about the thought process that went into this. It was obviously deliberate and took quite some time. Is this the way daddy used to do it? Did he see it in some snuff film he found on youtube? Or did he just let his natural instincts to kill and torture slip out one night when the beer supply got low?

    Any speculation on the disposition and sentencing? I’d like to think he’d be jailed. For a very, very long time. But I doubt that will happen.

  8. I agree Brie – who should address this besides animal welfare groups? The courts? Sadly, wouldn’t bet on it.

    This is so ugly, disturbing, dangerous and tragic…between Animal Control killings and tragedies like this…it’s the Dark Ages Part II.

  9. One last comment on this –

    years ago when I was taking college courses – I had a wonderful psychology professor – she told us that when autopsies were done on sociopaths one big difference in their brains was they used both sides equally – there may be biological differences here.

    I was always perplexed when Ted Bundy was executed when many felt he should have been studied. Mr. Ingerson should be studied and watched…

    1. Not specific to this case but *anyone* who is mentally ill should be able to receive treatment IMO, just as anyone who is physically ill should be able to. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in this country, for a variety of reasons. But to strip it down to base terms, if people who skin puppies were birds, the flock would peck them to death. Animals have no system for getting care for the weak and infirm. Supposedly that’s why some people think humans are “better”.

  10. Mr. Ingerson was completely exonerated having acted under the supervision of four state and federal agencies. All charges were dropped before going before a judge! Indeed it was the Animal Control personnel who over-reacted to what was done in accordance with law – there were none of the grusome things which were reported to have happended. Again, it’s a matter of being innocent until being proven guilty – while the media convicts before the trial or facts are known.

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