Treats on the Internets

How’s this for a lead-in?

The Saint Louis City animal shelter is a disgrace. It looks like a dungeon, and many of the cages are too small and would fit in nicely at a puppy mill.

Excellent article debunking the myths surrounding free pet adoptions

A local SPCA in WV does not want to kill a dog accused of biting a 3 year old kid without a hearing.  The case is on the docket for today.

Disturbing report of the OSPCA seizing an elderly, blind Beagle from an owner in Ontario

Due to reports of attacks on Baghdad residents by stray dogs, authorities have killed 58,000 dogs in the city over the past 3 months.  However “the number of attacks by packs of stray dogs were not available” according to the AP.

Office of the Inspector General releases report on service dogs for veterans

Tips for starting a pet food bank in your area

Someone’s idea of a joke on Craigslist?  (I hope.)

5 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. The St. Louis City pound is an abomination. Once it was announced that the pound would be closing later this summer, local no-kill rescue group Stray Rescue of St. Louis (I adopted my dog, a pit bull, from them and am an active volunteer) put in a bid to take over the animals there. Thankfully, they won the bid (for-profit groups also put in bids) and these dogs will now be safe and receive top notch veterinary care at the state-of-the-art new shelter. Stray Rescue recently opened Phase 1 of their brand new shelter. They will be slowly taking dogs from the city pound, dogs that will now have a chance at being adopted. They are doing this without taking one cent from taxpayers. Here is some more info:

    The woman mentioned in the article, Pam Walker, has been working with Stray Rescue in this transfer process. PetCo donated $200,000 to finish the education center for the shelter. I just wanted to share that these dogs will be getting a shot after all.

  2. Shirley – this needs attention. The story of the beagle, Little One, who was stolen from her home by officers of the Niagara SPCA, seems to have been wiped from the interwebs.

    I can not find a single proper account of her story aside from that found on the petitionsite.

    It seems as if the OSPCA bullies are once again in full effect.

    1. I e-mailed the OSPCA for comment. They replied that because the case is before the court, they can not comment at this time. Do you have any info on where the case stands exactly?

      1. The case, which has several sides to it, is before the courts and the woman is looking at obtaining legal representation.

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