Dog Survives Dragging in GA

Can you identify these two photos?

If you said “spotted dog feet” and “human” – BZZZZ!  Sorry.  Don’t feel bad, I got them wrong too.

The first photo is actually the front paws of a dog named Choker who was tied behind his owner’s truck and dragged – those are holes in the feet, not spots of color in the coat as I first thought.  The second photo is the dirtbag owner, John Louis McKinley, quoted thusly:  “That will teach him to run next time.”

Neighbors who witnessed the dragging in the middle of the night last week called 911 to report it.  AC seized the dog and Mr. McKinley – if you can imagine – turned up at the shelter on Monday to have a visit with Choker.  (The visit was denied).  Mr. McKinley was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty after confessing to police.

Choker suffered “asphalt burns to his chest, inside his legs and thighs and on the top and bottom of his feet”.  He is further described as an “emotional mess” but responding well to his caregivers.

Added, 7-21:  Video on the story, including footage of Choker, here (ad at beginning)

9 thoughts on “Dog Survives Dragging in GA

  1. i need someone to explain to me what goes on in ones
    mind to do such curel things to animals???? Beat a tree, hit a wall, what ever but please stop the abuse of animals, that’s like Conklin Dairy story in
    Ohio,I really think I’m going to need some type of therapy to get this out of my head. To wire a full grown cow’s nose to a metal pole and beating it with a Crowbar until it falls down is just more than i can take,beating a new born calf with his fist over and over, Something has to be done with people. If the courts lets things like this go then they need checked out……..

  2. The police that arrested him should have required a psych test on him! My heart goes out to the emotionally troubled and obviously abused dog. Whoever says dogs do not have feeling like humans should take note here.

  3. Please, please, please, can you follow-up on some of these and let us know that YES, something actually HAPPENED to these people? (Like a courtesy fine at least…)
    There are so many stories of people not being nice. Even the people who are not nice to each other. So many times it just doesn’t get resolved. Or the resolution is more depressing than the incident (ie: Sick Vick) Please. Can we have a winner at some point?

    1. Lynn – I rely on Google alerts for a lot of these so it’s possible I miss the follow up (too much stuff in the inbox) or – and I think this is the most common – the media doesn’t do a follow up. So I do try but can always use reader tips if anyone sees anything on these cases.

      1. Thanks. I really appreciate your sleuthing for the “rest of the story.” Locally, something *big* might happen and there will be some press…but then it all fades into the background and if you follow-up, there’s either not much to report, or just that somebody got slapped on the wrist.

  4. I was dragged behind a truck 3 yrs ago in the same county and left for dead! I survived and now making a campaign called ‘PETS WANT TIME FOR THE CRIME” on my fb SPARKY ALLEN. Come see my story and pics and hopefully I can get into the court room on this case to WOOF WOOF my peace. My dad is talking to the DA and hopefully this will happen! COME JOIN ME!

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