More on Dog Killing Refund Lady

A few more significant details have emerged today in the story of the Cathryn Washington who left her dog in the car to die while she shopped in MD:

When Ms. Washington went back inside Costco to return the kibble, dog beds and treats she had bought for Delta, she told a clerk the dog was dead:

Alarmed, a Costco employee canvassed the parking lot and found what looked like a dead dog in a car.

A Costco staff member called 911 but Ms. Washington had left by the time police arrived.  Staff gave police a description of the vehicle and the driver and dispatchers sent out a “be on the look out for” transmission.  They didn’t have to look very long because Ms. Washington soon showed up at AC saying she had a dead dog she wanted to get rid of.  Delta’s temperature was 110 degrees by the time it was taken.

Ms. Washington offered an explanation for killing her dog:

Washington told animal control authorities she had no choice but to leave Delta in her car unattended. “She had to get her shopping done and there was nowhere else she could leave the dog.”

Unless the owner is homeless, I can’t see how that could be true.  Even if she had no home to keep the dog in, she clearly was not penniless and obviously could have taken the dog to a facility for boarding or to a doggie day care.  Since she HAD to get her shopping done.

A summons has been issued charging Washington, of Fairmont, W.Va., with two cruelty charges for failing to provide adequate food, water and shelter and infliction of unnecessary suffering and pain, documents state.

The misdemeanors each are punishable by 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine, Animal Control Director Harold Domer said.

4 thoughts on “More on Dog Killing Refund Lady

  1. Sounds like she was really broken up by the unexpected death of a dog she fought so hard to get custody of. Yep. Reeeeaaaallllllllyyyy upset.

    Her poor ex-husband must be grieving horribly…I’m sure he had no idea she would go this far to hurt him.

  2. Really good the Costco staff cared to follow up on this – very sorry for the sad death of this poor dog.

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