KY Shelter Could Perhaps Try a Leetle Harder

The Mason Co Animal Shelter in Maysville, KY invites you to come on down to their fine establishment (Yo, even a handwritten sign with a readable phone number would be better than this) to find your new four legged family member.  Hope you can make it between 10am and 12noon Monday – Saturday as those are the “adoption hours” (and I note that it only just barely makes it to the plural of hour).

This article says that the community feels the shelter is “dreary” and has a terrible odor.  Let’s hear from Mason Co ACO Roger Mullikin:

Mullikin said he sometimes has so many animals he cannot keep them at the shelter so they are put down, which prompts some complaints.

“I have to get rid of them,” he said. “I don’t have room.”

If you are as thrilled as I am about the prospect of taking a dog into your home from this depressing, stinky place that snuffs out pets when they “don’t have room”, you’re probably sticking your head in the oven packing up the kiddies right now for a road trip.  Be sure to get directions in advance because you don’t want to be late.  You might miss the adoption hour.  s.

2 thoughts on “KY Shelter Could Perhaps Try a Leetle Harder

  1. Not too far from Maysville, KY lies Shelbyville, KY, the home of Shelby County Animal Control. Unlike Maysville, the team in Shelby County is working hard, rather than making excuses. As a result, Shelby County Animal Control has been No Kill for two years, with a better than 90% save rate. Same state, worlds apart.

  2. Maybe Shelby can “adopt” Mason and give them some pointers?

    To be fair, if Mason doesn’t have funding (and who knows if this is the case), lack of staff could prevent them from having decent conditions, extended adoption hours, and GEE, people who actually CARE about the animals.

    But in all seriousness there’s no doubt that some sort of reform is desperately needed. Why even have a shelter if their only goal is to collect and kill?

    Sorry, “shelter” seems like too a nice word in this case.

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