Treats on the Internets

Helping people take better care of their pets outperforms attempting to force people into responsible ownership with threats of punishment

Blaming No Kill for Killing in Austin, TX

The ASPCA phoned in a memo to the board of a NM shelter recommending a 60 day shutdown and complete emptying of the facility.

GA no kill shelter, ordered closed by the state, is trying to sell all its pets for $125 each by the October deadline.

A vet in Robeson Co, NC says rescuers are pulling dogs from the shelter and then abandoning them at her clinic (Note on the article: Journalism School called, they want their diploma back.)

Follow up on Copper, the Shiba Inu who was “returned to the wild” after the Franklin Co Humane Society deemed her a coyote:  A Franklin Co HS board member apologized to Copper’s owner at a public meeting.  Big whoop.

Thank goodness Buffalo police are on the ball, otherwise this poor kitty might have been tenderized!

Monkeycam no longer just for monkeys:  Museum of Animal Perspectives

2 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. $125 seems pricey to me for animals they are trying to move. A shelter in my area sells dogs for $90 and cats for $60, but they are moving to a new facility and had a “sale” on animals – cats were $10 and dogs were (I think) $40. That included licensing, shots, and S/N. After all, if those animals don’t get adopted, they get nothing, right?

    1. Agreed. It’s hard to reconcile “If we don’t get these animals placed, we’re afraid the state will kill them” with “We can’t go lower than $125”.

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