Dallas Animal Shelter Manager Indicted

Tyrone McGill, the manager of the Dallas Animal Shelter where a cat was allowed to die a slow death inside a wall, has been indicted by a grand jury on felony cruelty charges and placed on paid administrative leave.  Details of the case from the affidavit:

On May 4, shelter employee Kimberly Killebrew asked McGill what could be done to free the cat, and McGill said he would handle it, the affidavit states.

“As time went on and the cat grew weaker and less vocal, Killebrew continued to bring up the issue with the defendant,” the affidavit stated. “The defendant repeatedly indicated to her that he was taking care of it.”

But little was done beyond removing a few ceiling tiles, according to the affidavit.

By May 8, the cat stopped crying, though employees could still hear it moving.

“Upset, Killebrew pushed the issue and was told by the defendant that Building Services would be notified on Monday, May 10, 2010. On Tuesday, May 11, 2010, Killebrew returned to work and when it appeared nothing had been done, Killebrew again pushed the issue about cutting the cat out: the defendant responded the wall would not be cut,” the affidavit stated.

The cat died sometime after that, and the stench became so bad that its remains had to be cut from the shelter wall.

Had to be.  Cos it was smelly.  And that is just unacceptable.

Mr. McGill has been on the city payroll since 1993.  He took on the shelter manager position two years ago for an annual salary of more than $66,000.  Which isn’t too shabby considering his animal experience was a big fat zero:

McGill, the shelter’s manager for about two years, acknowledged when the took the position that he was not trained or experienced in handling animals, according to Skip Trimble, chairman of the city’s Animal Shelter Commission.

“When we met, he admitted he knew nothing about animals, but that he was eager to learn. … I have to say that I am shocked. But it’s true he didn’t have animal experience,” Trimble said.

I have to say that I am shocked the city would hire someone who “knew nothing about animals” to run the goddamn animal shelter.  More from Mr. Trimble:

A culture of fear at the shelter may have kept employees from taking their concerns to higher-level officials or shelter commissioners, he said.

Well.  Sounds like a nice little place the city’s got there.  Oh wait – I mean:  I have to say I’m shocked!

The editors of the Dallas Morning News all gave their opinions on the situation here.  They are generally unhappy about what happened but call for some perspective on the incident (there are kids starving in China you know).  One editor suggests it’s “time to stop the emotional handwringing over this cat”.  So there ya go.  I wonder if this case will go to a jury and if the editors’ views are at all representative of the Dallas jury pool.

12 thoughts on “Dallas Animal Shelter Manager Indicted

  1. I want to know why none of the articles ever mention Kent Robertson. He was the director at this shelter (I believe he was over Mr. McGill). He should be held just as responsible. I received an email from someone stating that Robertson got the pink slip a week ago, but I think felony cruelty charges should be filed against him as well.

    Robertson was over Houston’s BARC until a couple years ago, so I know all about him…. refused to let Winograd assess BARC back in 2005… stayed only 2 hours at a 2 DAY No Kill seminar then went back to BARC to oversee the killing of thousands every year.

    More dinosaurs that need to be ousted from pet sheltering.

  2. Welcome to Texas where owners are convicted of cruelty for long toenails on dogs but those who run public and private animal shelters can kill and torture at will; including the animals they take from others. I’ll be shocked beyond belief if anyone is held the least bit accountable for this cat’s torturous death.

    1. yes they will be punished for this kitty this stuff has been going on way to ong i just found out about how this place is and we are going to stop it for goodyou will see i,m not playing i hate these workers

  3. I’m shocked that the DA there even filed charges. Seems like that never happens when it is a “shelter” doing the abuse.

    When puppies were being washed down drains by kennel attendants; puppies being punches by KA’s for playing; dogs being intentionally starved so that they could barely lift their heads etc. etc. I wrote the Harris County DA and begged that she look into the atrocities going on at Houston’s animal control facility. Never even got a response.

  4. In San Diego, the President of Rancho Coastal Humane Society choked his young shepherd to death with his bear hands, and he’s still the President of the Humane Society. He claims he was “protecting his family” but at the time, he didn’t even have a family living at home…and he’s a HUGE guy….no way he couldn’t have controlled his poor dog. His neighbors were interviewed by the media and they said on camera that they frequently heard him beating and abusing his dogs, but that nobody would do anything. Fortunately, German Shepherd Rescue won’t allow him to foster for them anymore, but the Humane Society refused to take action. So it’s true, the directors of shelters can literally get away with murder.

  5. I don’t know what to say about this but that I read stories like this way too often. It looks like animal shelters attracts the wrong kinds of people to work there. So sad.

    1. It’s because the standards most shelters are held to are so low, that they attract bottom-of-the-barrel, apathetic people.

  6. well these people are monsters and my husband and i are so mad about this we are going to go to the shelter everyday to make sure this don’t happen again we will check on on the aniamals there and look for signs of abuse…this makes me sick and they will pay for this i dont care who reads this because i’m going to take care of these workers my i’m sure there watching there backs they better be you make me sick i have to take care of this that poor kitty cried for days for help you assholes..

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