8 thoughts on “Scupdate – Photos

    1. We actually did see them (from a distance) this morning. I hadn’t seen them in awhile. They’ve grown so much! Unfortunately, none of them are interested in checking us out. They did not respond to me calling them, clapping or whistling and Scout was even with me at the time. This is a step back from the last time when they were a little curious and one even approached me up to about 25 yards away. I’m not sure how we might be able to help them now. Just taking it day by day and see what happens.

  1. You have done an awesome job with Scout considering you went from hiding to see her to taking these pictures of her, and yes she does look goofy but very happy. Keep up the great work your truly a special person and Scout knows this.

  2. She is very beautiful! I love her eyes. The puppies probably learned from her to be afraid of humans, now they will have to also learn from her example to trust you and your family. Also when you get to pet her more she will bring your scent to the puppies. And, eventually they will start eating solid food and that will bring them to your house :-).

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