Phoenix Looks Like a Pretty Good Dog

WarningThe link below contains photos and videos of an abused dog whose appearance is startling as well as footage of dogfighting.  Some readers may find these images disturbing.

A German Shepherd Dog was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles.  His ears had been cut off and he had suffered apparent dog bites.  Someone brought him to the local shelter.  The shelter determined he should be killed due to the extent of his wounds but a bright volunteer phoned up an area GSD rescue who agreed to pay for the dog’s vet care.  He has since been named Phoenix and is now looking for a loving home:

Phoenix is a 5-7 year old German Shepherd mix. For more information about him, you can contact Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. Their number is 714-528-4730.

If you decide to watch the video, you will see a dog who appears to be extremely gentle and loving with both human strangers and cuddly kittens.  I hope he finds a good home soon.

3 thoughts on “Phoenix Looks Like a Pretty Good Dog

  1. Thankfully Phoenix lived in California, a state that requires shelters to give animals to rescue groups rather than kill them.

    The particular shelter this dog was in was L.A. County, a shelter sued by the No Kill Advocacy Center after firing a rescuer for speaking out about abuse. The court ordered the rescuer reinstated.

  2. as Nathan Winograd writes in the above comment…”The court ordered the rescuer reinstated.” That’s a wonderful thing to read….

  3. Considering how the rescuer was dismissed, however, would they really want to go back? The shelter may find other, more subtle ways of discriminating against or otherwise ‘paying them back’ for the whistleblowing.

    Whomever did this to this poor dog is the lowest of the lowlifes out there. I hope he finds a new “furever” home and the shelter doesn’t threaten to euthanize him (after all he’s been through) after a short period of time — like another AC facility did with a kitten they rescued from a drainpipe in southeastern NC a while back. It’s pretty antithetical that people of good conscience should have to scramble week after week to rescue animals from the so-called “shelters” in the first place.

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