The Problem with Robeson Co

The problem with Robeson Co is not that the animal shelter allows pets in their care to suffer.  And it’s not that the shelter needlessly kills the community’s pets via heartstick.  And it’s not that the bureaucrats in charge defend the shelter’s cruel practices and shoddy leadership, even as the shelter fails inspection after inspection by the state.

No, the problem with Robeson Co is that the people are just a bunch of stupid whiners.  At least that’s how I interpret county health director Bill Smith’s sentiments as he talks about interviewing candidates for a permanent shelter manager – a position that has been widely criticized for the shelter’s many failures:

Smith has defended the interim manager. Anyone who takes that position should expect similar criticism, Smith said, regardless of the job they do.

See, the people of Robeson Co are too dumb to know what it is they’re complaining about.  It doesn’t really matter if the shelter manager neglects pets or even kills them.  The people are going to grouse about the position anyway.  So no point in going out on a limb and actually doing your job to shelter and care for pets.  The stupid public won’t be able to tell the difference and they’ll just continue their whining regardless.

Your tax dollars paying Mr. Smith’s salary and this is what he says to the local paper about you Robeson Co.  Wonder what he says behind your back?

2 thoughts on “The Problem with Robeson Co

  1. so how do we stop the evil that lurks in Robeson?
    It’s obvious that even the Elected Officials of the entire state don’t give a hoot about any of it.
    They treat it as if it’s not seen, it’s nothing to worry about.

    1. I would start by tossing the bums out! Replace everybody who thinks the suffering and killing at Robeson is just fine. Get normal people in those positions.

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