The Hoarders Are Coming! The Hoarders Are Coming!

According to PETA president Ingrid Newkirk’s latest Manifesto of Crazy letter to the editor, the hoarders are not only coming, they…:

[…]are now trying to impose their hoarding compulsions on animal shelters.

Holy Compulsive Disorder Batman!  Ms. Newkirk tells us that these places, FKA “no kill shelters”, are now called “hoarding facilities”<—–SKEERY!  Here’s what we’ll find inside the Hoarding Facilities:

[…]dogs and cats, sick and healthy, old and young, face extreme crowding and neglect that reduces them to withdrawn and pathetic wrecks.

[…]crowding means that diseases flourish, causing misery[…]

Life in a cramped, filthy cage is not a “rescue.”

Oh.  My.  Science.

Pathetic wrecks, flourishing disease, filthy cages – it’s all so… viscerally disturbing.  (It’s all I can do to stop myself from writing a check to PETA right now!)  And you’ll notice, according to the Diary of a Madman letter to the editor – There are no exceptions.  No mention is made of any good no kill shelters.  Apparently there are none.  Just Hoarding Facilities run by people with untreated mental illness who are able to “bully authorities into adopting magical-sounding ‘no-kill’ policies that do animals no favors.”

To be honest, I didn’t realize city councils, police and elected officials could be so easily bullied – apparently anyone with a compulsive disorder can do it.  Thanks for the tip Ingrid Newkirk!  Thanks too for saving thousands of pets a year from misery and disease inside a cramped cage by summarily killing them without offering them to the public for adoption.  Keep up your mass killings in the name of benevolence!  And keep banging out those letters to the editor on your manual typewriter inside your little shack in the woods.  We totally heart the unhinged.

8 thoughts on “The Hoarders Are Coming! The Hoarders Are Coming!

  1. A think a disurbing trend is forming, and it’s not hoarding, it’s the new myth…..Nathan Winograd shot down the myth of overpopulation like a Patriot missile to a scud…now the cat and dog murderers need new ammunition….now there is an “over-ocurrence of hoarding with No Kill shelters to blame” myth that is starting.

    Even Animal Planet has a show on hoarding. Usually they’re happy showing a Buffalo being munched on by a pack of Wolves….and out of nowhere, they’re all of a sudden experts on hoarding?

    I cant help but think that either, and, or, PETA, the HSUS, or the ASPCA has connections to Animal Planet and wants to plant a little disinformation and a little misinformation in the minds of the public.

    After all, the most popular trend regarding pets is the ever growing trend of shelters going No Kill, yet they dont focus on that…, they decide to make true rescuers of cats and dogs out to be psychotic “animal collectors”.

    To be sure, hoarding is a bit of a problem and should be dealt with and studied by psychiatrists.

    But now everyone is making it the new “Swine Flu”: “Everyone beware…a new epidemic is upon us….hoarding”.

    Hoarding is not even close to reaching epidemic proportions, unlike the mass murder of cats and dogs in places that have the audacity and deceptiveness to call themselves ‘shelters’.
    The modern day holocaust of cats and dogs in concentration camps called ‘shelters’,’rescue groups’, etc. has been an epidemic for centuries, where are the Animal Planet shows on those issues?

    Absent like a snowball in Death Valley California in August.

    Now, a serial killer, who has and continues to murder more innocent living souls than Dahmer, Bundy, The Zodiac, Boston Strangler(s), etc. COMBINED, Ingrid ‘Killing is kind’ Newkirk is spewing the hoarding issue?

    We need to make sure that this doesnt become the new myth that the killers seemingly want it to be.

    Hoarding is a problem. It should be dealt with. It is inexcusable. However, it is NOT an epidemic like the “Spin Doctors” in the pro kill status quo want us to believe, and is getting far too much publicity as opposed to, say, the No Kill Revolution.

    We must nip this in the bud, because it is an attempt by the murderers to give would be No Kill supporters a moment of pause…..and cats and dogs being murdered dont have a moment to lose.

  2. “A think a disurbing trend is forming,”

    I dont even drink, and yet I type that?


    Time for some sleep.

  3. “I think a disturbing trend is forming”

    I agree, it seems like with the overpopulation myth blown the new trick to making those who value non human animal life at all look crazy is to call them “hoarders”

    People who don’t reflect the dominant societies values, or lack thereof, are always considered strange.

    How anyone can take Ingrid N. as a voice of reason though, that’s crazy.

  4. These organizations ans so-called”Shelters” have a lot of nerve judging “No-Kill” (real) Shelters and people who try to help animals by preserving life!! Hoarding is a term so often used, and not always deserved!! There are extreme cases where “hoarding” is really a correct term to use but should not be mistaken for people who can and do care for many animals doing their best to find homes for them. I get so disgusted with Kill-Shelters calling themselves “Shelters”!!! Very Misleading!!! Many do not even give adoption a chance or do not give the animals time enough!!!

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