KY: Shelby County’s No Kill Mission Needs Help

The Shelby Co Animal Shelter has been an open admission, no kill shelter for the past two years. Due to recent events, the facility is currently overcrowded:

“It’s a crisis situation. We’ve had a number of intakes come in the last couple of weeks to the point where we don’t have any cages available for the animals,” said [Shelter Director James] Collins.

In order to get more cats adopted out quickly, the shelter is currently offering to waive the adoption fee on any cat aged 4 months or older provided the application is approved.  Kittens are also on special:  Two for $40.  What a deal – but wait, there’s more!

  • All adopted animals are spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped.
  • Dogs are heartworm tested if over 6 months.
  • All cats/kittens are feline leukemia tested.
  • Shelby County Animal Shelter is “rescue friendly”!
    • There are no “pull fees”.
    • Vetting is available at cost.
    • Transportation can be arranged.

The shelter can also use more foster homes.  The public has been stepping up with offers to foster shelter pets recently but more help is needed.  You can see Shelby Co’s Petfinder listings here.  Keep up with the shelter on Facebook here.  The FB page says several people have offered to pay the adoption fee for anyone who wants to adopt a pet from the shelter but can’t afford the fee.

Please spread the word so we can get the shelter pets in Shelby Co the help they need!

6 thoughts on “KY: Shelby County’s No Kill Mission Needs Help

  1. I have transported for Shelby before, and their animals are usually very nice. Mr. Collins cares a lot about the animals, and works tirelessly to help get them to safety. KY has a really low pool of adopters, so there are a lot of shelters there having trouble, I work with another shelter that is overcrowded and struggling too, but hasn’t euthanized yet either.

  2. I was wondering if could get all shelters to tell the adoption fees straighet up front all the time, so that us that interested would know at time of posting. I hate looking for the shelters fees. And are all dogs same cost?

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