Thor – A Sad Life, A Brutal Death

Although this story put me in mind of the guy in Georgia who crushed and then skinned a small dog who tried to bite his child, it stands on its own merits in the Psycho Files.

A lady in NM could no longer keep her young Pitbull, named Thor, so she gave him to her brother over a year ago.  The brother, Teddy Sexton, chained Thor to a utility trailer with a heavy logging chain and padlocked the chain to the dog’s collar.  And there he stayed 24/7.  The sister called AC last year to complain that Mr. Sexton was not properly caring for Thor.  ACOs visited the property:

Animal control officers determined Thor was not in bad enough condition to seize the animal and Sexton refused to sign the dog over to officers, [Sheriff’s Capt. Tim] Black said.


Animal control officers reported the dog was not vicious.

Mr. Sexton is currently facing fourth degree felony animal cruelty charges along with another man, Corey Bowen, after the pair tried to cut off Thor’s head with a knife.  Apparently encountering some difficulty with the task, the men got a chainsaw.  The killing reportedly followed Thor biting a little girl.  Capt. Black describes the bite:

“The girl had a small bruise on her neck and small puncture under her chin.”

The bite was not reported to authorities and the child was not taken to a doctor.  The girl had played with Thor regularly since he was a puppy.

Based on the information at hand, I can easily imagine this “bite” being simply excited mouthiness from an abused, extremely frustrated dog.  Of course the defense attorney, Eric Morrow, tried to paint the worst picture possible:

“It was a pit bull, it wasn’t just any dog,” he said. “He just witnessed a little girl have a hole in her neck.”

I guess somehow, in the defense’s mind, we should make the leap from “It was a Pitbull!” to “So obviously they had to chainsaw his head off.”

Also in Mr. Sexton’s uh – defense, he explained to police that he couldn’t get a gun because he’s on felony probation.  [Logic leap at will.]

In case you’re wondering how police found out about Thor’s killing:

A Children, Youth and Families Department investigator tipped off deputies to the incident after being notified about several young children suffering from nightmares stemming from the incident.

Investigators still are trying to determine if children witnessed the incident.

Swell, huh?

The men haven’t had their day in court yet (just a preliminary appearance).  The charges carry up to 18 months in prison but Mr. Sexton faces up to 5 and 1/2 years due to his prior criminal convictions (false imprisonment and battery of a member of his household).  We’ll see how this case plays out.

13 thoughts on “Thor – A Sad Life, A Brutal Death

    1. I think about the far greater number of humans who would have given the dog a comfortable place to sleep, good food, and love. This is a crazy humane movement when all it can think of is all the bad things that happen. People in the movement don’t even give themselves credit for doing anything positive. They’re just down the other guy’s throat and it backlashes against them because they’re flagellating themselves too.

      1. Kate, “odd” is flagellating the entire human race using the few really messed up ones as an excuse. If it weren’t so common and accepted to do this I would call it a serious mental problem. It is a serious social problem that has been thoroughly documented. It leads to things like Crusades and Inquisitions.

  1. Battery on a member of his household and power equipment on a dog. A good indication that he might not make a good roommate

  2. Pieces of garbage who murder or try to murder four legged animals, should be given the same sentence that those who murder or try to murder human animals get…..if I were President, the penalty for murder would be life in prison with no possibility of parole.

  3. I’d like to know why the woman thought it was a smart idea to give her dog to her brother, whom obviously was a very, very troubled man to begin with.

  4. We have a very few nutcases around, or people who just got a bee in their bonnet. I’ll match this against the so-called humane societies and their veterinarians that will simply kill animals willy-nilly.

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