Our Old Dogs Get Older

Old and Older - Charlie and Graham

I am terrible at remembering birthdays – human or non.  So to catch up with our recent family birthdays…

Charlie turned 10 at the end of July.  Emily’s Gotcha Day is in August (unknown age but definitely in the double digits).  In September, Graham turned 11 and Randi turned 8.  Happy Birthday to all of you and I’m sorry I’m a bad DogMom – at least when it comes to birthdays.

3 thoughts on “Our Old Dogs Get Older

  1. When one’s dogs or cats are all rescues, remembering made up b- days isn’t that big if a deal in the big picture. You’re a great dog-mom and so am I!

  2. If it makes you feel better I would have to go look at the Poodles’ papers to find out their birthdays and then I would just forget. The dogs’ Gotcha day…was it in June or August? I think it was summer.

    Partly I guess, I don’t want to think about the passing years.

  3. What handsome dogs!

    I got my first smaller dog and it is fun to see different sizes interact. Balances things out.

    It is to the point I can’t remember the years I got them. But I do know the chronological order and who is the boss.

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