Another One Gone

The following is my interpretation of the story related by a would-be adopter of a pet at the shelter in Craven Co, NC:

September 25

Potential Adopter:  Hi, I found a puppy I’d like to adopt.

Shelter Staff:  You can’t adopt that puppy yet because he’s less than 8 weeks old.

September 27

Potential Adopter:  I’m back to visit the puppy I picked out for adoption the other day.  How much longer until he turns 8 weeks so I can take him home?

Shelter Staff:  We’re killing that puppy today – he’s been here for 4 days so his time is up.

Potential Adopter:  But I’d like to adopt him!

Shelter Staff:  Actually we’re killing the entire litter.  One of them is sick.

Potential Adopter:  Can’t I adopt the one I picked out?  I’ll take him to the vet right away to make sure he’s ok.

Shelter Staff:  Nope.

(Later that day.  Enter Craven County District 4 Commissioner Renee Sisk.)

Potential Adopter:  Commissioner Sisk, can you help me save this puppy from being needlessly killed at the shelter?  I want to adopt him!

Commissioner Sisk:  I’ll call the shelter immediately.

*ring ring*

Shelter Staff:  We already killed that puppy.  Anyway why is this lady being such a pain in the ass?


According to the article, the shelter has a very high kill rate:

In the fiscal year ending June 30, the shelter took in 2,546 dogs and puppies, and 3,721 cats and kittens. Of those, shelter staffed deemed 1,438 canines and 693 felines suitable for adoption, according to information the health department provided in July. In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, shelter staff had euthanized 5,300 animals, according to the documents.

Commissioner Sisk plans to follow up with some of the county leaders who oversee the shelter on exactly why it was supposedly necessary to kill this would-be adopter’s chosen puppy.

3 thoughts on “Another One Gone

    1. At least that would be some sort of “explanation”. It seems we hear so often about how hard it is on shelter staff to kill healthy, friendly pets every day. Well one way to reduce the number of needless killings is to let approved applicants adopt the ones they pick out! It doesn’t cost anything extra or require additional manpower or anything! Just don’t kill the ones that have people standing next to them begging for the pet’s life. Do we need to amend the shelter employee handbook or what?

  1. The name “shelter” should be earned. It certainly has nothing to do with what happens at this particular place. Let’s just call it a disposal facility and be done with it. I’m told at the “shelter” that is five miles from where I type this, the puppies are routinely taken to the E room in a shopping cart. They think it’s fun and clearly have no idea how the ride will end. I call that particular building Dog Ow. (I mean no offense to anyone with my reference to the Holocaust and to Dachau; I’ve been there and I get the same vibe from both locations.)

    I wonder if the potential adopter will ever come back? Probably not.

    I wonder if Commissioner Sisk will take this seriously. I hope so.

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