Blog Housekeeping

A few random things…

Should your comment get snagged for moderation, don’t panic.  I have set up my preferences for comments that need moderation (first time commenters mostly) but WordPress occasionally tosses other comments into the moderation queue.  I don’t know if it’s a certain length of comment that triggers it or what.  Again, don’t panic.

I don’t have ads on the blog but WordPress, in exchange for their free service, says they will sometimes make ads visible to readers.  I hate it but the free fits my budget.  If anyone else hates it enough to pay the yearly fee to kill the ads, please feel free to step up.  Otherwise, hopefully they aren’t too annoying (I don’t see them so I don’t know).

I put up an About Me page as soon as I got the blog going.  It’s still there.  I’m not hiding my identity or pretending to be someone else.  I am a real person.

Lastly, if you hate most/all of what appears in this blog and/or you hate me – dude seriously, I’m not offended.  Different strokes blah.  I ask only that you refrain from posting frequent comments/e-mailing me about how strongly you disagree with everything I say.  Cos that gets old fast.  I don’t get paid to blog so there has to be some sort of trade off – i.e. an environment I find enjoyable.  Disagreement A-OK.  But if you find yourself disagreeing with everything, I would encourage you to explore the web.  I have every confidence you will find plenty of blogs that fall in line with your philosophies and the communities at those blogs will no doubt appreciate your thoughts and opinions greatly.

Shorter:  No haters please.

P.S.  I really love the discussion from the overwhelming majority of commenters.  Sometimes the tiny minority can be a real pisser though.

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