Randi’s Surgical Cancer Treatment

Randi had been lame for a few weeks before we finally were able to determine the cause:  A tumor pushing out her toenail on a rear foot.  An x-ray showed that the tumor had already eaten away some of the bone.  Toe amputation was recommended.  The photo is what Randi’s foot looked like a couple days after surgery.  It’s really more like a partial foot amputation.  Lab results came back with squamous cell carcinoma and the odds that surgery was curative are good.  This was not a surprise to me as Randi’s littermate Dixie, coincidentally, had been through this exact same experience just a month before Randi came up lame.

Maybe just to be different from Dixie, Randi busted out half her sutures the night before Thanksgiving.  The foot looked pretty rough (sorry, no photos) but the vet said it would heal as an open wound, eventually.  We kept changing her bandage and restricting her exercise.  Both of these things are pains.

Today was our two week re-check appointment at the vet’s office.  The remaining sutures were removed, a silver based ointment applied (we brought a tube home too) and we have to continue with the bandage changes for another two weeks – at which time we go in for another re-check.  The good news is the vet said she can go for walks now – just no running/diving/leaping for the ball which is Randi’s favorite thing in life.  But at least we got the ok for walks!

6 thoughts on “Randi’s Surgical Cancer Treatment

  1. So true about keeping an active dog inactive. No fun!

    But glad Randi is on the mend. We’re going to be xraying a lump on my dog’s paw next week. I’m a little nervous…

  2. I’m so glad he’s doing better, our thoughts are with you. It’s hard keeping a good dog down, lol. He’ll be happy about the walks.

  3. Homeopet makes a great skin cream that’s like polysporin but with homeopathics to encourage skin growth and scabbing.

    I’ve found to reduce healing time by ate least 1/3 – and I don’t recommend products lightly.

    Regardless, happy to hear that all went well and fingers crossed that this is the last we hear of this. In a little while he won’t even know anything happened to him. The beauty of dogs. :O)

    Did you catch the Jemima Harrison post about visiting the Flatcoat booth at Discover Dogs 2010? They were handing out material that stated flatcoats only suffer from cancer at a rate of 7%.

    From the sounds of it, she caused a bit of a ruckus.

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