Aw crud. I love her.

On the morning of Black Friday, Billy said to me, “Today is going to be the best day of your life”.  He says things of that nature pretty regularly so I didn’t give it the weight I would have if it came from say, Jeanne Dixon.  In fact, I remember making a quip like, “You mean today’s the day I get to go to the shelter and say ‘Give me every pet on your kill list.  There will be no killing here today.’?”  (Yes, I have that fantasy too.)

Later that morning, the neighbors showed up with Mulder.  Although she seemed entirely unfamiliar with humans, she glommed onto me pretty quickly.  She follows me around the house and I ended up putting a bed for her in the bathroom (so she wouldn’t lay on my clothes while I was in the shower) and another under my desk (so she wouldn’t curl up on my slippers while my feet were in them).  I never have to look for her as she is always exactly right where I am.  And yet, she’s not annoying.  I mean, she does do normal puppy things which are highly annoying but in a general sense, she’s pretty good actually.  She doesn’t jump up or vocalize for attention.  She doesn’t demand to be held or to sit in my lap.  She’s content to simply be wherever I am.  I like that.

My other dogs, especially Graham whom I brought to SC from Seattle when she was young, have been traitors.  That is, they love Billy to death.  Me – they like me fine but I’m nothing to write home about.  I’ve often said to Billy how much I wanted to have a dog that was into me.  And of course he reminded me of that one night when Mulder was sleeping on my head.

So, on the one hand I need another dog like I need a hot poker in the eye and on the other hand I don’t exactly have any no kill shelters or adopters banging down my door wanting to take Mulder.  It looks like she’ll be here for at least a little while.  My biggest fear is that she’ll grow up, become more confident and change.  Like maybe she’s only into me now because she’s small and fearful but with age and experience, she’ll outgrow me.  Or worse, she’ll be a turncoat like Graham and head over to the dark side Billy’s side.  But for now anyway, I’m really enjoying her.  Much as it pains me to say it, she’s not a really awful puppy.

This is why I suck at fostering.

11 thoughts on “Aw crud. I love her.

  1. What fun! this left me smiling. Thanks for the Happy Friday gift. And that little fuzzy face with the big furry ears – what a doll! Of course, I mean Mulder, not you. And loved your ending. Perfect.

  2. Sucky or not, it’s great that there are people like you to foster these little guys. I’m afraid I would get into hoarding very easily if I took foster puppies.

  3. She is adorable and you do not suck at fostering. Trust me, you will be thoughtful and careful and find someone equally thoughtful and careful. It may take time. One lucky pup, is all I have to say. It’s hard to let go!

  4. And let me add, I have been in despair at least a few dozen times with fostering, and somehow, the right ending happened. It just took time and the crazy ability to let go and trust (which has never been easy). That must be why I am not (yet) a hoarder and able to foster some more!

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