UPDATED: Military Family’s Dog Lost by Delta Airlines – BOLO

Moving overseas for her husband’s Army assignment, a San Diego woman brought along the family’s two dogs.  One made it to Germany, the other was lost by Delta on a layover at the Atlanta airport.  The missing dog, named Nala, had been taken out of the kennel the owners had bought for her and put into one of Delta’s crates.  It’s unknown how she became lost.

The owner went to Atlanta, hoping to find her dog.  One week after Delta lost her, they offered to help the owner look.  She is described as “a German Shepherd mix, she’s smaller than a normal shepherd. She has shorter legs, she has a gray muzzle, a white fluffy tail”.  Delta is offering a $1000 reward for Nala’s safe return.  If you know anyone in Georgia or neighboring states, please ask them to be on the lookout for Nala.

Thanks to reader Rebecca for sending me this story.

Update, January 3, 2011CBS Atlanta is reporting that Nala was found dead on the interstate.

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  1. interesting.. perhaps because they were going over seas.. or by way of Military the rules are different. when i ship dogs.. or take when as baggage they are inspected., wanded, the same for the kennel and then when the dog is put inside the doors are secured with zip ties.. no one could take them out unless they had scissors or something similar. In fact it is always a problem because you cannot take anything sharp with you on the plane you have to find someone on the other end with scissors.. I always take a pair when I pick up a dog.. or have the person meeting me bring some.. so i wonder why they removed the dog .. I do hope no matter what that she is found safe and sound..

    1. I can’t speak for Delta as I have never shipped or taken animals on their flights, but Continental takes their animals out of their crates to allow them to walk and take them to a separate area until the next flight. This is to ensure the animals are not stuck in their kennel for 20 hours straight on really long flights. When the animals are put back in their kennels, the zip ties are used to secure the kennel door once again.

  2. Delta lost another dog not so long ago named Paco – a Canadian couple had rescued him from Mexico and were taking him home to Canada….really sad, never heard if he was ever found.

  3. Hopefully some good Samaritan picked him up and doesn’t yet realize that folks are looking for her. I notified friends in Altlanta-area breed rescue.

  4. This is so sad. I am sure the sweet doggie is just terrified. I hope someone finds her and finds a way to return her to the family that loves her. I would be so heartbroken if this happened to one of my furbabies.

  5. Surely somebody had to have seen that dog running or at least walking away. There is crew all over the ground out there. ALL of the terminals have TONS of employees that walk around directing planes, handling luggage, checking the planes for food and fueling them up. SOMEBODY saw that dog.

  6. Dear Shirley Lyn:

    One of my show breeder friends highly recommended your blog. She suggested I share highlights of our ballot initiative in Ohio, which is supported by many dog fanciers across our state.

    If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please let me know.

    Thanks so much for all your dedication to the dogs!

    P.S. My apologies for posting to this article but wasn’t sure how to get a hold of you outside the blog.

    1. Hi Mary,
      I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your e-mail yet – I’m woefully behind and my inbox looks like a bomb went off. But I still have it and will look at your link.

  7. This is just awful. Delta employees had to have known what happened to this dog and are not telling the owners or the media. If it were my dog, I would be furious with the airlines. I understand Delta is offering $1,000 reward but I also heard on the news they were delayed in their efforts and responsibility in trying to find the dog. Apparently they lied when Paco was lost earlier in the year in Mexico. Shame on Delta!!

  8. Have you found the missing dog of the military people. You had better comb that city until you do find it. An animal is a family member and this just should not ever happen. Sounds like just plain stupidity on behalf of airline crews.

    1. I have heard this as well Mikken – very sad. Just waiting for a media outlet to confirm before updating the post. I actually know someone who had this exact same thing happen to their dog at the Atlanta airport with the same tragic outcome.

    2. I heard the same thing from a woman at an Atlanta area GSD rescue. So sad for the dog and the family.

  9. The poor dog Nala had little chance of survival when flying Delta Airlines. I have taken my 13 yr old Lab with us on several Delta flights. Every time we flew, I had to beg, insist, and become nearly irate with several Delta employees before anybody would give her water. I put bowls on her cage, took bottled water (which they refused to accept) for her, and wrote notes on her paperwork. Sometimes I was told they could not give her water, other times they said they were too busy. I always watched from the terminal window during layovers and/or delays until I was sure she was on board. Even when flights were delayed as much as 3+ hours they would not cooperate. Usually when I was at my wits end, some kind heart would have mercy and see that she was given water. I paid much more for her to fly in cargo than for my ticket, yet Delta employees did not want to take 5 minutes to give her a drink. Poor Nala, no doubt, was starving, had no water and was not taken out to do her business., It’s no wonder she frantically escaped from her cage!!!!!! I cannot imagine the horror she felt. Shame on you Delta Airlines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $1000 is nothing.

  10. I hope the family sue the arse off Delta.
    And to Delta.
    If the fear of your operators Liscence being revoked terrifies you, then maybe this is what should happen.
    Your too lacidasicle in your attiture to Animal cargo.
    MORE PRIORITY should be given. After all it is very very expensive to move animal on planes.
    I hope the fanily has moved to Legal action against DELTA.

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