New Year, New Blog Feature

I’d like to start posting a Shelter Pet of the Day and would be happy to accept reader submissions for these posts.  For each post, I’d like to include:

  • Photo of the pet (dog, cat or bunny)
  • Name, address and phone number of the shelter
  • Links to shelter’s website (if they have one) and to pet’s listing online (if applicable)
  • If it’s a kill shelter, a link to their stats (if available)

I’ll be posting pets from anywhere in the U.S. (with an occasional Canada listing thrown in for good measure).  Suggestions and feedback welcome.

A few hours early, but I’m going to start off with a two-fer:

Mother and daughter, senior Chows – Jenny and Jezebel

Robeson Co Animal Shelter

255 Landfill Rd

Saint Pauls, NC


This shelter’s kill rate for 2009 was 88%

13 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog Feature

  1. Wonderful idea and I hope you help find homes for many dogs this way. There are so many wonderful, loving dogs waiting for a new home in our USA shelters.

  2. Nifty! My new years resolution is to get my own petfinder account and submit my own fosters…should I use the kill stats for local animal control in the meantime? (Guess I’d better do some research there…haven’t checked their numbers in a while.)

  3. Great idea! Just posted them on the rescue forum at Hope someone there can help. Happy New year, everyone!

  4. Great idea! And Happy New Year! BTY- the address…Landfill Rd….pretty much says it all. I’m sure the public just rushes out there to get their new furry family member.

  5. Kind of disturbing that the shelter is located on Landfill Road…

    But thanks for doing this, and I hope lots of lucky pets find great homes because of it!

  6. So sorry to be a bit dim, but how does one send you this pet info? I don’t see a contact page. And can the pet be in a foster home with a pet rescue group or do you only want to post pets that are in a shelter kennel? Thanks.

    1. There is a link on the right side of the blog that says “Nominate a Shelter Pet of the Day”. My e-mail is there along with instructions. Pets in foster/rescue are A-OK.

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