Shelter Pet of the Day

Teddy - submitted by reader Valerie who says, "He... is a great dog. I've met him and he is friendly and endearing. He had previously been in a situation where he was left in a yard and ignored, so he had some behavior issues as a result (no aggression, mainly barking and fence jumping), but has come a long way with training."

Teddy is in a foster home with the all-volunteer foster network Carroll County Humane Society in Carrollton, GA.
Teddy’s foster mom:

2 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. There is a perfect dog inside of most dogs just waiting to come out with a little love and training. Please adopt and train your dog to become your perfect pal!

  2. Thanks for posting Teddy. He really is a great dog who has blossomed once he got the training he needed. He is intelligent, friendly, eager to prove himself in training classes and would make an excellent family pet. He enjoys meeting new people and loves human interaction. True to his hound heritage, he has shown himself to excel at nosework, so would be a good adoption prospect for someone interested in that activity. I encourage everyone to read and pass along his Petfinder writeup.

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