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Donations for the AL 44

In an effort to help the surviving dogs of the AL 44, I’ve been reaching out to the groups who are caring for them to ask if they are in need of donations for the dogs.  I’ve gotten a couple of responses from groups who would be grateful for donations.  They are:

Humane Society of Etowah Co in Gadsden, AL

They have 2 dogs who are each about 25 – 30 pounds, probably 8 – 12 months old.  Both have been afraid of people and other dogs.  Shelter staff continues to work with them.  The dogs have been in isolation up until today when they were put with a couple of very stable dogs for socialization.


PAWS Atlanta in Decatur, GA.  They have 10 of the dogs.  I corresponded via e-mail with Laura who wrote:

Thank you so much!  We could use some extra financial assistance for the dogs.  We did not expect to quarantine them for so long so it would help us pay for their up-keep.  We could also use wet/canned food to hide meds in.  It cannot be the chunks or slivers, but we can use the kind you can make little meat balls out of.  The Alabama dogs are on a strict Science Diet Adult dry diet if someone was interested in donating food instead of money.  Anyone interested in donating can go to our website through this link:

If they make a general donation they can specify that they would like their money to go towards the Alabama dogs.

Thank you again for all your help!

If you are in a position to donate goods, services or cash, please consider doing so.  If not, please share this information with dog folks.  Let’s try to get these dogs’ needs taken care of and while we’re at it, let’s thank the good people at the HS of Etowah Co and PAWS Atlanta for stepping up and continuing to do the hard work of rescue!  Thank you!

Since I received a little bit more info today, I’m posting an amended list for the AL 44.  I’m still looking for 3 dogs.

Status:  Located

10 dogs at PAWS Atlanta in GA, all remain in quarantine.

3 dogs at Bliss Animal Haven in Loganville, GA, all available for adoption

3 dogs at New Leash on Life in Wilson Co, TN, including Sassy (D10-496) who is up for adoption

2 dogs at Humane Society of Etowah Co, AL,  both up for adoption

Status:  Dead

3 dogs at Lincoln Co Animal Services in NC – Per shelter records, all 3 were listed as “sick”.  They were Murray, Harry and dog #38805.

2 puppies at Humane Society of Etowah Co in AL – The pups were less than 10 weeks old and came in very sick.  Parvo was suspected and both were euthanized.  They were the youngest of the group of 44 and the only 2 who appeared to be sick.

Status:  Unknown

10 dogs dropped at the Nashville Humane Association in TN.  None listed on their website.  On their FAQ page, they state that pets in their care are killed “only if it is necessary due to illness or behavior problems”.  At least some of the original 44 dogs reportedly had behavioral problems.  I was unable to get any information about the dogs in a phone call.

4 dogs transferred from Lincoln Co Animal Services in NC to Humane Society of Charlotte (Read an update from a commenter stating she is Merry’s foster mom here!).  Multiple inquiries to HS of Charlotte have gone unanswered.

3 dogs transferred from Lincoln Co Animal Services to Charlotte-Mecklenburg shelter.  Their kill rate is about 65%.  2 of the 3 are listed on Char-Meck’s site – Daisy (ID#A797513) and an unnamed male (A797514).  The 3rd dog was never listed as far as I know.  (Searches for pets with ID #s A797512 or A797514 come up empty.)

1 puppy escaped from her New Leash on Life foster home in TN and hasn’t been found.

3 dogs remain unaccounted for and I’m still looking for them.  Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these 3 dogs, please share.

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