5 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. This is the shelter my dog came from, and being labeled a pit bull, he’s a lucky boy to have made it out alive. They have some great dogs though – I’ve taken two from transports and they were wonderful.

  2. This sweet dog is at Athens Clarke County Animal Control, a shelter that does not discriminate against pits or pit mixes in any way. Pits and pit mixes are put up for adoption there like any other dogs! The shelter staff really enjoy the pits they get at the shelter and it’s not unusual to see one listed as “staff favorite.” I have been to this shelter many times and speak from actual experience. The 25% kill rate there includes pits and pit mixes. Sadly, not all get adopted, but many do go to good homes.

  3. My apologies if I offended you – I didn’t mean to suggest they automatically euth’d them, or didn’t put them up for adoption. My dog was a stray, had 3 days on hold, and he got jumped to the front of the list and people were told it was because of his breed. He was a favorite with volunteers and two of them worked extremely hard to find a rescue for him in time. So I’m speaking from my own experience.

    Like I said, I’ve taken two additional pit mixes from there and they were both stellar dogs. I adore my dog and am very pleased with the volunteers who worked so hard to help him.

    1. No, I wasn’t offended–no problem. Just thought I would say something about a shelter doing the right thing for pits since many GA pounds won’t post them on the internet or adopt them to the public. The Athens shelter has a 5-day stray hold that usually stretches to a week or so (it’s 5 business days). When the stray hold is up, the dog may be put down if no one has put in an application for adoption or rescue. Nothing to do with the breed–just whether there has been any interest in the dog.

      Sadly, pits and pit mixes don’t attract as many adopters as other breeds and mixes–and rescues take very few because they also have a hard time placing them. So thank you very much for helping the dogs you got from Athens!

      Hope someone will help Rowan, too. What a sweet old boy! This shelter is very rescue-friendly and
      dogs can be vetted and boarded nearby prior to transport. Lots of local volunteers available to help with the logistics. Shelter is open on Sat. and Sun.

  4. Rowen got reclaimed! His owner has had him for a long time and cares about him–his ragged appearance isn’t due to lack of love. A local rescue group has offered to help with ongoing vet care. Rowen should be looking much better soon.

    Lots of other wonderful dogs are still available at the shelter. The volunteers maintain a website at

    Cats really need rescues and adopters there, too. The cat shelter opened very recently–so far I believe only one rescue has been working with them regularly. Please help if you can. Local city/county gov supports TNR so the cats at the shelter aren’t ferals. They don’t go out and trap cats like some counties–these kitties have been turned in by city/county residents.

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