Humility by Pet

Sooooooo, the other night I was awakened by a foul odor.  I thought one of the dogs must have thrown up.  I went searching with my roll of paper towels and cleaner in hand but found nothing.  Still the odor.  I opened Mulder’s crate (she’s sleeping in a crate by my side of the bed at night until she’s reliably housetrained) and figured I’d toss her blankie in the wash, clean out the crate with a disinfectant wipe and put clean bedding inside.  Still the odor.  I went back to sleep and hoped the stench would dissipate by morning.  No such luck.

The next day, I finally figured out (because I hug and squeeze her all the time) that the source of the stink was Mulder.  It wasn’t bad breath.  Her coat was clean and dry so she hadn’t rolled in anything.  Her skin was A-OK, except for some flakes.  The smell wasn’t yeasty or infectiony but I gave her a good going-over just the same.  Perhaps a broken toenail that had turned icky?  No.  Ear grime?  Nope – but I cleaned them just in case there was something invisible down in there.  Still the odor.  I washed every dog blanket in the house and vacuumed everywhere.  I was really perplexed and getting rather worried at this point.  Did my favorite puppy have some sort of mystery illness which manifested itself through an unpleasant smell?  Was she dying?  Would she live another hour?!  !!!

Somehow, I made it through the day.  When we got to our evening family time in front of the TV, Mulder took up her usual spot on top of my slippers at the side of my chair.

Oh dear.

Lightbulb moment.

Mulder smelled like feet.  My slipper feet to be exact.  Time to get new slippers I suppose.

Do you have a humbling story to share about a pet?

6 thoughts on “Humility by Pet

    1. Aw geez. Can I just add that I have a very sensitive nose? That I smell things most people don’t? (Perhaps I should have stated that earlier so I don’t look so pathetic now.)

  1. I do have some, but I won’t be blogging them.:-) Our pets do have the ability to humble (not humiliate) us. At least everything is clean and odor free for you if the slippers have been replaced.

  2. OMGoodness!
    My friend was doing a photo shoot of Baldwin for a publication we are doing…he had these cow feet from Merrick…
    So went to Petco today and wow! They carry them. I bought all they had on the shelf! What I didn’t know was the horrific odor they omitted! We have the dog crates together abd all were happily munching away, the smell permeated throughout the house via the ventilation system…
    I thought someone had a major blow out in their crate…as i approached the dog room…I was gagging! Got Emma outside and pulled out the dog bed from her oversize wire crate…to find only a couple pieces of the hove left. But that smell! And what’s worse, they all want to cuddle and they smell just as bad!

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