4 thoughts on “Shelter Pets of the Day

    1. If you click on Huey’s name right under the picture it will take you to the link that tells you about him and who to contact with questions. They do not have him listed as a specila needs cats and do not mention anywhere that he is deaf, so I am assuming not.

  1. Huey is not deaf! He is extremely loving, outgoing, and playful. He met Zahara at the adoption center. Zahara is very social, a lap cat, and fun. They just happened to get along extraordinarily well at the adoption center! They are both amazing kitties. For more information you can find them at http://www.georgiahumane.org or come by and meet them Saturdays at the Petsmart on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta from 1-4pm!

  2. Also, Huey was rescued from a hoarder with 55 dogs and his two brothers (one adopted, one at the center).

    Zahara was born in the woods and abandoned…we rescued her at days old and placed her with a surrogate mom. She was hand raised by one of our foster moms!

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